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To ensure the bus lanes are clear for safety, emergency, and security reasons, there is no parking in the bus lanes during school hours. If you are bringing your child to school late or picking them up early, please park in the parking lot.       

When picking up your child at dismissal, please DO NOT park along the black fence. Buses and van transportation load students along the fence and cars are blocking their access. Please use the parking spots when picking up your students.



When picking up your child at dismissal, please park your car in the parking lot. The student pick up door will be opened by a staff member when all students being picked up have arrived in the gym. Once the student pick up door opens, you will enter the gym to sign your child out. You must present a driver's license for pick up. Once your child has been signed out, you will exit through the gym door leading outside.

If you plan to pick up your child early, you must do so prior to 2:30.  After 2:30, students must be picked up from student pick up in the gymnasium which begins at approximately 3:00. Please note dismissal changes cannot be made once the dismissal procedure has started.